Minnesota; capitol of jumping into cold water !

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey monitors the air with extended tongue a moment before he plunges into 32 degree water during a fundraiser for Special Olympics.

O-M-G !!!!

What are his chances of surviving a pancake entry?  Hennepin County paramedics were standing by in the event he required patching up.

Minnesotans love spectacle and what could be more thrilling than to witness mass pain? Hundreds, in the name of Special Olympics, filled a standing room only space on the shoreline of Lake Bde Maka Ska, formerly Lake Calhoun.

Coppers too came out in force for the big chill beneath the hill in Minneapolis .

Led by meteorologist Ian Leonard, a flock of duck-people with flipper-feet were poised to join hundreds who dived, fell into, somersaulted and pancaked into nearly frozen lake water.

…………and until this time next year, keep your powder dry and dry socks on your feet.

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