Engagement Photos

Francesca & Chris

This is where my second career in photography was launched. With Francesca and Chris in the warehouse district of Minneapolis. It was close to their workplace and the backdrops, with brick structures that dated to the late 1800’s, were stunning. Engagement and photography have transformed in exciting ways. Remember when couples headed for a studio with its powerful lights and large formal cameras? Not so much anymore. Chris and Fran chose to document their day where history had been carved into the urban landscape.

Meg & Kyle

The day I checked in at the salon to get my ears lowered, Meg was sporting a ring. “So, you’re gonna tie the knot, are you?”, I asked. She beamed, a smile that  suggested she’d waited a while for Kyle to pop the question. We agreed photos were a must and after several attempts to set a date, we selected a stunning autumn day with the woods in full color. First, we posed on a tree overhanging one of the many bays of Lake Minnetonka, then it was off to an historic woods on a slope beneath the ruins of a civil war era stone house that was built by hand by German immigrant farmers. How cool is that? One hundred fifty years ago, cattle grazed on the slope. Today it’s one of my favorite shoot locations. By the way, I never heard if Kyle and Meg ever married.