Senior Photos


“Don’t stand perfectly straight,” I told her. Have you any idea how difficult it is for a person NOT to stand perfectly upright when a camera is trained on them? Gradually Rachel got the hang of it. In fact more recently, she has given me some really nice angles. Our senior shoot had to involve a pickup truck she inherited from her grandfather. Presumably, his trucking days were behind him and Rachel was more than happy to take it off his hands. Our two location shoots were very near one of Minnesota’s vast recreational bodies of water, Lake Minnetonka. At the very edge of the southern shore, a woodlot offered a nifty autumn setting and with an assist from her friend August, we captured Rachel’s beauty and charm. Great fun!


When she was three years old, Allie asked her parents if she could take violin lessons. They must have thought she was daft. No instructor would take on a three year old, so little Allie waited a year to begin her musical journey. Today she plays in a group of string players, formed by their instructor and has plans to attend either Luther College or St. Olaf College where fabulous musical programs draw some of the most talented young artists in the country.


I felt like the Pied Piper as Stasia and I shot….every location I suggested, she followed. For fun, we even slipped in among shoreline reeds of a lake in Carver County, a favorite fishing spot for serious anglers. I think among her favorite images was a series of shots we made beneath a willow tree at the University of Minnesota Arboretum….she was washed in a green glow by the leaves. Some of those images are posted elsewhere on this site. To her credit, Stasia was a gamer, willing to shoot anywhere under some trying conditions.


“Where would she like to shoot,” I asked Megan’s mom, Nicole. “Somewhere near water and old buildings,” was her reply. So, off to Minneapolis we drove, headed for brick structures that dated to the early 1900’s and older. Just as we arrived, she spotted a classmate and his photographer, with the same mission in mind; senior pictures for the class of 2018! Evidently, my favorite location is popular among other portrait shooters. Our water shoot was a bit challenging. It was mid-day and sunny as well. Drat! So, I shot her, using my flash to fill the shadows. Not among my favorites, but Megan was pleased, and a happy client is like chocolate cake and candles on my birthday.