Pregnancy Photos

Laura & Bryan Pregnancy

Our relationship began a few years ago when Laura and Bryan asked me to create their engagement photographs. Since that day, I’ve had a backstage pass to many of the highlites of their lives. They exchanged vows on a retired dairy farm in western Wisconsin, joined me for an autumn pregnancy shoot on the banks of the Mississippi River and in the months that followed, they asked that I document many precious moments of their shared lives. Which brings us to an evening at Shady Grove, near Victoria, Minnesota.

Gwen is no long a ‘ bump” but an effervescent almost-tree year old and her parents are just days from bringing her a baby sister, one of the biggest milestones of Laura, Bryan and little Gwen’s lives. Laura intends to bring us weather forecasts on Kare-11 ( NBC in Mpls. ) until her “ bump “ lets her know its time to get to hospital.

Jen & Mike Pregnancy

Atop a dominating hill a stones throw from what exists of the Big WoodsSoutheast of Rochester, two deserted Lutheran churches and a graveyard were our most unusual setting. Etched into weathered surfaces of headstones, early settlers lived and died about the time of the American Civil War. Some dates were illegible, but what a fascinating and ironic setting for a preggers shoot. Jen and Mike were all too pleased to join me as we wandered the site, discovering old Scandinavian names, presumably those of immigrants who tilled the soil as they had in Norway, Sweden and Finland.

Francesca & Chris Pregnancy

Again, I returned to a place I would one day call Shady Grove. There, I shot with a very pregnant Francesca and her husband Chris as late summer sun slid toward distant tree lines and lakes. Shooting Fran and Chris felt like a special gift. The setting was magical, their affection was obvious and the early evening light was
warm and romantic.